Canyon Camp Spotlight

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring important members of Canyon Camp. From the Founders to the Scouts who come to camp each year and the staff that serves them.

Twice a week we will share a few aspects of a person and ask that you guess who they may be. Each of these individuals has built upon the Spirit of Canyon Camp. Chime in on our Facebook Page with your best guess and see how well you know your Canyon Camp History! We will update this page with the name(s) and future posts every few days.


Today's #TBT Canyon Camp spotlight was a 33 year staff member. As a friend and spiritual adviser to all, he had the ability to learn the names of every scout by Tuesday morning each week and was one of the best at helping Scouts work through their first experience away from home.

He has an awesome sense of humor that is infectious, and many nicknames including "Padre" and "Father" although both are for good reasons! His famous phrase after prayers was "Bon Appétit, Boys!" -today it'd likely be "Bon Appétit, Scouts!"

Do you know this staff alumnus?

6/25/2020- Dave Fetty

Today’s #TBT Canyon Camp spotlight is a 28 year staff member alumnus. He worked in the kitchen, Scoutcraft, aquatics, and First Class. He is also the longest serving program director in camp's history (More than 15 years!). He created and has influenced many of the long-standing traditions that program directors follow today and Scouts experience each year. As an Eagle Scout from Chicagoland, this individual’s troop always always pitched tents in the old Ford campsite that currently houses our nature center.

For folks who have worked on staff with him, one of his most notable contributions to camp are his world renowned “Fetty-cakes.” His pancakes are AWESOME!

Bonus points if you can name a few of the additional Canyon Camp alumni in these photos as well!

6/22/2020- Jason Buss

Today’s Canyon Camp Spotlight is someone who is from Freeport, IL and served on the Canyon Camp Staff for 8 summers. He was well-known for being a very hard worker and earned the endearing nickname “J-Bird”. He worked in Aquatics and on Ranger Staff for many years, and even helped teach National Camping School!

Who is this Staff Alumnus?

6/18/2020- Lyle Novinski

Our next #TBT Canyon Camp Spotlight is a man who served as Camp Director in the 1950s, and currently resides in Irving, TX after retiring as an Art professor from the University of Dallas.

His biggest influence at Canyon Camp was helping to shape Denny Pratt as a young Staff member, who would go on to serve as Camp Director for 37 years and build the traditions that we know and cherish, such as ‘The Spirit of Canyon Camp’. This former Staff member has come back to visit Canyon Camp many times over the years, sharing many stories and history from ‘the good ole days’ with members and alumni of the Camp Staff.

Who is this Staff Alumnus? Let us know!

6/15/2020 - Sean Nadeau

Today’s Canyon Camp Spotlight is someone who served on the Canyon Camp Staff for 8 years in mostly just one program area - Aquatics! This Staffer was very popular around camp, being very personable with each of the Scouts and Scouters he met. He had a wicked sense of humor, a contagious and iconic laugh, and is very deep with his faith. Since his time at Canyon Camp, he has continued his service to Scouting as a District Ex