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Scouts BSA

With  over 50 merit badges, 3 supplemental scouting programs, and numerous additional scouting activities and certifications at Canyon Camp, you have the ability to tailor your week at camp.  Canyon Camp has terrific food in a full-service dining hall, canvas tents on platforms with bunks and mattresses, and offers memories that will last a lifetime!  Whether it's rank advancement, merit badge completion, all out fun, or something in between, you can expect to find it here!  For more detailed information head over to the  RESOURCES pages or scroll down to read more about our program areas and merit badges offered.

Part of a female Scouts BSA Troop?  Learn more about how Canyon Camp has integrated female troops at Canyon Camp on our EXCLUSIVE PAGE FOR GIRL UNITS.

Webelos Weekend

 This program includes two nights of camping and three days of awesome programs designed for older Cub Scouts as they prepare for the transition to Scouts BSA.  Learn more about on our Webelos Weekend page.

Summer 2023 Participant Testimonies


“I liked the songs that staff sing, I liked the food, the great jokes, and how they made the scouts laugh.”

“This is truly the best camp. Especially coming from over 8 hours away to come, it is just truly amazing. I love the family-like atmosphere. When I first came in 2019, and to still be coming all the way from Kansas should truly tell you all how amazing it is here.”

“They were always very enthusiastic and committed to being part of staff. They made everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”

Unit Leader:

“The staff has historically went above and beyond to help scouts and leaders, and it flowed through this year. All felt welcomed and helped, thank you!”


“Staff have done an outstanding job! They were attentive and professional. They went out of their way to help us accommodate our scout with mobility needs so that they always felt included." 


“The camp staff are a very spirited group of young men and women who care a great deal about teaching the values, ethics, and skills of Scouting. They are easy to talk to and willing to help you.”


There's a lot to do at camp, and at Canyon we want to make sure you can make the most of your time. Below you'll find brief descriptions of our program areas and the merit badges and activities each area offers.

55+ Merit Badges

Canyon Ranger Program for FIRST CLASS EMPHASIS requirements (more than 50) and merit badges for young scouts

Operation O.W.L. adventure program for older scouts and leaders



For first year campers, the Canyon Ranger Program covers most First Class requirements, while also building a knowledge of general Scout skills and Canyon Camp areas. Participants in this program have the opportunity to fulfill First Class Requirements, work on skills in areas of camp, earn up to two merit badges, and attend Pioneer Potpourri activities (See Below).

Over FIFTY Requirements leading to the rank of First Class are completed through the Canyon Ranger program.  Two merit badges can be earned during two hour slots of free time integrated into this cohort program!

Ropes Course


For older scouts and leaders, the Outdoor Wilderness League (O.W.L. for short) aims to bring high adventure to your week at Canyon. Activities vary from year to year but always aim to challenge you physically and mentally. Keep an eye on the camp schedule for this summer's program!

Previous activities include: black powder rifles, milk crate climbing, tomahawk throwing, iron branding, "Iron Man Challenge", zip line, high ropes course, rappelling, mile swim, five mile hike, and much more!   

Sample O.W.L. Program (Activities update and change each year!)




Between two areas of camp, we offer the opportunity to take Eagle Required merit badges during your week at Canyon Camp; some of which counselors may be difficult to find in your area.

Merit Badges Offered:

  • Communications

  • Citizenship in the Nation

  • Citizenship in the World

  • Citizenship in the Society

  • Personal Management

  • Personal Fitness

  • Emergency Preparedness (at Health Lodge)

  • First Aid (at Health Lodge)



Our Aquatics area is split into two locations: our lakefront and our pool. The Coon Lake lakefront is where you can take out one of our many watercraft. Expect to cool off or go snorkeling at our 3-foot to 10-foot-deep swimming pool.


Merit Badges Offered:

  • Swimming

  • Lifesaveing

  • Canoeing

  • Rowing

  • Kayaking




Activity Patches/Certifications Offered:

  • Snorkeling

  • Stand-up Paddleboarding

  • Mile Swim

  • Safe Swim Defense

  • Safety Afloat



Due to Canyon Camp's distinct location, our climbing program is unlike any other. Take a try at our multi-difficulty climbing wall, gain some horizontal climbing practice on our twelve-sided continuous bouldering wall, or for a true test, rappel down the front bluffs of camp.


Merit Badges Offered

  • Climbing

  • COPE Activity Patch

Additional Activities

  • Zip Line

  • High Ropes Course (NEW in 2019)




With over 200 acres of naturally-wooded forest and a creek running right through camp, the opportunity to experience nature has never been more real. Our Nature Lodge is located right above the creek with windows on all sides allowing for complete forest immersion.


Merit Badges Offered

  • Environmental Science

  • Mammal Study

  • Forestry

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Bird Study

  • Oceanography

  • Weather

  • Insect Study

  • Astronomy

  • Fish and Wildlife Management

  • Reptile and Amphibian Study

  • Soil and Water Conservation

  • Geology

  • Nature

  • Energy



Learning how to be resourceful is a trait of any scout, and our Scoutcraft area is the best place to work on such skills. Head down to learn outdoor skills and how to work with common tools available to scouts during outings.


Merit Badges Offered​

  • Camping

  • Pioneering

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Orienteering

  • Geocaching




With two full-time ranges and access to nearby Apple Canyon Lake, learning how to fish, shoot archery, or operate a rifle of shotgun has never been easier! On top of dedicated merit badge time, we also offer open times for scouts and scouters to practice.


Merit Badges Offered

  • Shotgun Shooting

  • Rifle Shooting

  • Archery



Build up your creative skills in our Handicraft Lodge. With merit badges that challenge you mentally and push you to build creations of your own, the opportunity to mentally grow is right at your finger tips!


Merit Badges Offered

  • Chess

  • Game Design

  • Basketry

  • Woodcarving

  • Leatherworking

  • Art

  • Textiles

  • Theater

  • Sculpture

  • Space Exploration

  • Photography

  • Indian Lore



Learn some of the skills that the pioneers used! Open to all scouts and leaders, the Pioneer Potpourri program aims to teach everyone what pioneers would have lived like and what skills a modern day pioneer might also have. Activities are designed to take no more than a 30 minutes, so you can pop into an activity whenever you have a break in your day!

Sample Pioneer Potpourri Program (Activities update and change each year!)


Trading Post
Trading Post


Not only a great location for awesome food and swanky camp gear.  The Trading Post is home to Entrepreneurship merit badge this summer!

Be sure to come prepared for these fun merit badges and buy some ice cream or candy while you're here!

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