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Summer Camp Facilities: 

With over ten campsites that range in size, Canyon Camp offers great campsite accommodations including platform canvas tents with bunks and mattresses for even the largest troops (50-75 Scouts total, if needed) during the summer camp season.  While we recommend using our facilities, your troop is more than welcome to use their own tents should they decide to. We simply ask that you contact us prior to your stay should your troop decide not to use the camp's platform tents.

Fall/Winter/Spring Camp Facilities:
In addition to our summer camp program, we also offer campsite locations and cabins to be rented during the off season for Scouting Units, school groups and organizations. All campsites are available to rent for units or other organizations.  For cabin camping, we have the Founders Lodge which houses 30 scouts and the Jamboree Cabin which houses 20 scouts. If you are interested in renting a cabin or campsite please use our online reservation system:

Information on Cabins: 

 Founders Cabin

Capacity:              30 individuals (15 double bunks)

Heat:                     Wood burning stove

Latrine:                 Porta Potty located by shower house may be used. 

Other:                   The cabin has electricity for lights. There is no road to the cabin.                                     You can unload on the road directly below the cabin on the west                                     side of the pool. 

Jamboree Cabin

Capacity:              20 individuals (10 double bunks).

Cook stove:         Wood burner

Latrine:                The closest latrine is at the campsite behind the cabin. 

Other:                   The cabin has electricity for lights.  In the winter, it may be                                             difficult to turn a trailer around near the cabin- please keep                                              trailers on the roads at all times.   

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Map of Camp
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Click the "Reserve and See availability of Campsites/Cabins" button to begin your reservation today!  If you have any questions, please contact

-After clicking button, select "overnight Camping" to begin-

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