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Alumni GeoSurvey

Canyon Camp Alumni GeoSurvey

Canyon Camp Alumni are submitting data to create a map and dataset to display the current geographic range of their Canyon Camp Staff Alumni. The final map(s) will be unveiled as part of the program for the 2021 85th Canyon Camp Alumni and Friends Reunion (July 24-25). If you're interested in sharing your information, be sure to do so by July 1. Click here to participate in this quick survey today! We ask that you share this information with any friends or family that you know served on the Canyon Camp Staff as well! This would be VERY helpful as we try to have all of our Alumni fill this out. We already have nearly 100 alumni who have submitted their responses in the first day. Survey data collection will conclude on July 1st, 2021. We can't wait to see you at camp this summer. The reunion is going to be exciting, and we will have the registration link available by May as part of our annual spring newsletter. Included with a high-level agenda, we will share specific updates on safety plans to bring us together for a fun-filled weekend. For any questions about this project or survey, please contact Seth Kannarr. (

Pictured above, information on the GeoSurvey

Click here or the image above to fill out your submission today.

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