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An Historic Summer-Thank you!

The 2019 summer camp season has officially come to a close as the Scouts BSA, Webelos Scouts, and our first camp staff lead School leadership program have come and gone. Thank you to the scouts and leaders who came to camp for the camping season. Each of you have added to the Spirit of Canyon Camp. This year we served nearly 60 troops, ten of which were the first female troops to officially come to camp. Our memorable summer truly would not have been possible without each and every one of you.

Thank you to the many volunteers who make camp possible each year. Also a heartfelt thank you to the staff of 2019 who have provided great scouting for the nearly 750 scouts and leaders and more than 150 Webelos and parents who have walked through camp's front gates this season.

We look forward to you returning in 2020 as we mark the 84th summer of continuous camping along the shores of Coon Lake.

Sincerely, Dick Reynolds and Lee Binkley Canyon Camp Co-Camp Directors

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