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Canyon Camp Constructors 2024

Year two of the Canyon Camp Constructors (CCC) continued with strong momentum. In total, 17 participants compiled nearly 141 "working days" of efforts to complete many essential projects at Camp. These projects are often high priority to be accomplished, but once they're completed, go unnoticed because they are behind the scenes. This work is momentous not only for the work completed but also the strengthened relationships shared among the individuals dedicating their time. A special thanks goes to John Wurtzel and Lee Binkley for leadership coordinating both the Kiwanis Work Weekend and the CCC week. Other key individuals include Jeanie Wurtzel preparing the food provided by the Friends of Canyon Camp. This year's crew of volunteers who came together were simply fantastic. THANK YOU to Jack Anderson, Lee Binkley, Bob Boyer, Emma Halla, Thomas Halla, Tim Holden, Tom Howe, Kevin Lamm, Jeff Newkirk, Marcia Newkirk, Scott Simenson, Matt Urban, Jim White, Jean Wurtzel, John Wurtzel, Carol Zarnstorff, and David Zumdahl.

Additional photos will be shared on Facebook, but these are the main projects completed this year:

  • Repaired roof deck and installed steel roof on Staff Cabin 6. (Complete)

  • Replaced rotted deck board on porch of Staff Cabin 6. (Complete)

  • Repaired roof deck and installed steel roof on Adirondack storage shed in 1st Class Emphasis Area. (Complete)

  • Installed 4 windows in Cooks Cabin. (Need to finish trim work)

  • Installed 2 garage door openers in the Held Nature Center. (Need to finish electric hookup)

  • Cleaned, scraped and painted the interior of Staff Cabin 6. (A little bit of touch up work to do)

  • Cleaned, scraped and painted part of interior of Staff Cabin 7. (Need to finish painting)

  • Approximately 20 exterior doors were painted green throughout camp. (We got most of them)

  • Several toilets were repaired throughout camp. (Never ending)

  • New electrical box installed on back exterior wall of Health Lodge to feed new restroom facilities and to replace obsolete/damaged service to the Chapel. (Complete)

  • Lots of mowing was done. (Never ending)

  • Serviced and made needed repairs to 2 John Deere riding mowers. (Complete) 

  • Finished cutting, sanding and assembling over 100 Aldo Leopold benches that were started during the Kiawanis work weekend. (Complete)

  • Installed “The Little Scout That Follows Me” poem in the Spirit Pavilion. (Complete)

  • Performed touch up paintwork on new camp trail signs. (Complete?)

One of the biggest projects completed was “The Little Scout That Follows Me” Poem in the Spirit Pavilion

It has been the intention to install the poem ever since the Spirit Pavilion was built in 2009. However other projects and many false starts have stood in the way of its completion. Finally in 2024 it has become a reality!

A special thank you to the following dedicated people that have been instrumental in seeing this project through.

Carol Zarnstorff

Diane Frauchiger

Dave Savone

John Wurtzel

Jean Wurtzel

Lee Binkley

Jack Anderson

Matt Urban

Scott Simenson

Tim Holden

Barry Legue

Laura & Randy Noll (Main Street Sign Shop)

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