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Fall Alumni Newsletter Posted

The fall 2022 alumni newsletter is up! This edition is LOADED with stories including:

  • 2022 Summer Camp Review- New Leadership; Same Tradition

  • New Staff Members

  • October 8 Woodcutter's Ball

  • Papke Receives Medal of Merit

  • Spirit Scholarships Awarded

  • Lyle Novinski Closing Reception (University of Dallas)

  • New YouTube Videos

  • The Next Generation of Laughlin Scouts

  • 2023 Camp Design Contest

  • Philanthropic Support Recap and Preview

  • Lee Binkley 55 Fun Facts to Celebrate 55 Years of Service!

Click here for the full newsletter:

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 23, 2023

You guys are great 😃👍 your in my prayers 🙏😇 God richly bless you and your family. Truly, Scott Jeffrey Pearson

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