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Pictures From The 1950s

Recent unearthing of conversations from five years ago among Lyle Novinski, Roy Prange, and others have provided some great stories and photos below. Enjoy their recollections below as they try to identify friends from yesteryear.

Lyle's Perspective : My father and I, and Wendell Stribley put up the Jambo cabin during Staff Week of 1951, and yes, it was purchased for about $1,400 from left over funds from the 1950 Jamboree. In the back row, is Denny Carey from Lancaster, 4th from the right and in the middle row, second one in from the left is Bryce Ruetten. Both of them were in my Crew on the 21 day trip through the West with a week on horseback at Philmont after Camp, 1951. Those two stand out because they’re best buds on the Philmont trip. I cannot spot John Rice and Rust Orville’s post and our Montfort trip and a mutual weekend in the rough land north of Montfort, at my invitation to Orville ,Fritz Gill is second from the right I think.

I am looking for the 51 Philmont trip Photo, which had some of the same crew, Denny Carey, Bryce, Fritz Gill, Tommy Weitrick, Peter Skaalen, and many others. This was a reward for doing a good job in the new Jambo cabin handicraft area that summer from Camp Director, Skipper Johnson, Scout Exec who initiated and guided a bus trip of 21 days through the west. Originally it was two crews, two schoolmasters, Bernie fro Hazel Green and Wales Gossard from Lanark (?).

Skipper divided the 36 boys from two into three Crews, and I got the trip free, We started from Hanover, spent overnight on the lawn somewhere, and took off the next morning camping every night on some lawn, court house, school, swimming pool, along the way through Badlands, Black Hills,Mt Rushmore, Tetons, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Moab Utah, and a week on horseback, a Cavalcade at Philont. I was astonished at the origination ( and picked up a lot of pointers on such things) because we would roll into a small town in the flat plains of Montana and lunch would be waiting for the busload, we camped on some grass, washed up into filling stations, and went our way. Great adventure, and really expanded my idea of what America was. In the Dallas Morning News last week I noticed an obituary for Ken Walgren, our waterfront director in 1953. I intend to send the obit to all of you guys, and Beeth one of these days. I found a few photos of Ken, and his younger brother, also waterfront Junior Staff, and will send on to you and the family. He moved to Dallas to take over the leadership of the St Paul Hospital here in the 70’s, and headed it until retirement. I never knew he was living here, which saddens me as he was a real fine person. He had been a Navy flier early in the Korean War. WWW Here is a photo of Ken, and Camp Director,Bob Payton, they are mixing cement for a new front porch on Headquarters. the little guy with Ken is Foster from Boscobel, the third man on the Aquatic team that summer. The trilogy is Ken’s younger brother, Col Merrit Allen, our Rifle Range Dir, and Foster again

Roy's Perspective: Ski, once again you've helped bring back memories long stored away. When I read your e-mail referencing Orv Rice, I started thinking: "Orv Rice, Orv Rice…how do I know/remember him…". It's taken a little bit of time and thinking, but I believe I've come up with what is now becoming a strong memory.

In 1964, after Camp was over, Orv led a canoe trip in the boundary waters out of Ely, MN, outfitted by Bill Rom's in Ely. I believe Orv had made the trip several times with his Boscobel troop/post. He was kind enough to invite a number of us '64 staffers who had come to know him, along with some of his regulars. I don't have a specific recollection, but Tom must have gone as well. Unfortunately, I can't identify many participants, but John Swenson of Boscobel, Rick Smith of Galena, and a "Goldie" (from Boscobel and my canoe mate), come to mind .

We all worshipped Orv for his savvy and know-how. I have some recollection, that when Orv wanted to make a point, he had a habit of thumping his chest with a hand that was missing a finger as a result of an accident (not trying to be morbid, just trying to remember). Of course, you can guess that young nineteen year olds quickly adopted Orv's gesture, and used it endlessly whenever we wanted to make a point. Orv's good nature toward all of us, not to mention additional camping and canoeing skills he gave us, render the memory a much treasured one. Thanks once again. Regards, Roy

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