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Information for Registered Units

**This email was sent on 2/10 to all registered units for 2022** Gooooooood morning, Canyon Camp!

Spring is around the corner, and we're getting excited for what's to come when you join us this summer at Canyon Camp. I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for selecting us for your summer camp adventure. There are many great choices across the Midwest, and we believe our tradition of excellence is among the best! To that point, communication prior to your arrival at Camp is important to us to ensure any questions you have are answered and that we keep you in the loop as you strive to "Be Prepared" leading into your week-long stay.

A few important updates and reminders:

  • Merit Badge Registration opens in March! That's right, online merit badge registration opens in a few short weeks. We recommend reviewing our program schedule with your Scouts if you have not already done so. A few tips for you:

  • Scouts working towards First Class should take Canyon Ranger to see all areas of camp and work on rank advancement. They are also able to sign-up for merit badges during the 11AM and 4PM time slots.

  • The Outdoor Wilderness League (OWL) program is set for older scouts to have more rigorous adventures. While these Scouts CAN work on merit badges still, it's possible they may not complete them due to trips out of camp or other exciting program elements- encourage your older Scouts to target fewer Merit Badges and go all in on the OWL program or get they important merit badges completed and do a few OWL activities- it's flexible!

  • The entire program schedule and more is available on our resources page here:; please review with your Scouts and prepare to register them for merit badges next month!

  • First Payment Deadline is April 15. All units must pay $50/Scout by April 15. This payment is transferable but not refundable.

  • Additional Scouts CAN be added after April 15, but your registration number cannot be reduced.

  • If you pay in full ($310/Scout) you will receive a discount from the full payment due at Camp ($360/Scout).

  • You can adjust your registration numbers by logging into DoubleKnot on our registration page or directly here.

  • Our entire Unit Leader Guide is available on our resources page or directly here. If you have questions that you can't find answers to in this guide or online, please do reach out at any time- we're here to help!

The summer season will be here before we know it, and we're excited to see you at Canyon Camp!

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