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Scouting Heritage to Bring the Spirit to Life!

Scouting has a story to be told and our history has many unique people and moments.

Scouting Heritage Merit Badge returns this summer providing you and your fellow Scouts an opportunity to learn more about the Boy Scouts of America and Canyon Camp's rich history.

Taking this badge at camp provides a great opportunity to interact more with our Camp Museum, learn a bit more about the history of Canyon Camp, and take a deeper dive into the individuals who have come before us and left a legacy in our great organization. If you want a primer before coming to camp, we recommend you visit the alumni and friend website to learn more about Canyon Camp's history. Visit today to learn more!

Thus far we have announced Graphic Arts, Textiles, Insect Study, and Scouting Heritage Merit Badges. What's next? We have one more to announce in the coming days!

Be sure to register today for Summer Camp 2020. Week 1 is already nearing capacity. Learn more today at We can't wait to share the Spirit of Canyon Camp with you!

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