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Spirit Scholarships Awarded

Since 1936, the walls of the Canyon have been the summer home for hundreds of Scouts who have served as members of the Canyon Camp Staff. All who have served on Staff have experienced the special spirit that abides in the canyon. As they departed Camp through the Stukenberg Gates, all of these staff members carried with them the intangible spirit which has subsequently helped them be more productive citizens in the years following their departure from Staff.

Each summer, every Staff member has many opportunities to personally nourish the Spirit of Canyon Camp in him or herself and others, by thought and by deed. The Spirit Scholarships are intended to recognize those staff members who most unselfishly have shared their experience, time and skills to make the summer a positive experience for the Scouts, Scouters and Staff members with whom they've worked. In essence - a recipient is recognized for having and for sharing with others, the Spirit of Canyon Camp.

Staff members who have served at least three years, worked on camp staff leading into the next academic year, and can verify attendance as and undergraduate or graduate student are eligible to receive a scholarship. Simply meeting these criteria does not guarantee selection. This year, alumni and friends of Canyon Camp came alongside the endowment established for this purpose to award as many scholarships as possible to these deserving individuals.

Join us in congratulating this year's scholarship recipients:

Hunter Deal- University of Illinois

Seth Kannarr- University of Missouri

Danton Studer- University of Wisconsin

Jack Jordan- Illinois State University

Michael Watson- University of Illinois

Nathaniel Merema- Western Illinois University

Adam Swisher- Creighton University

Louie Nielsen- University of Vermont

Andrew Nestler- Western Illinois University

Ethan Gray- University of Wisconsin

2021 Spirit Scholarship Recipients

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