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Canyon Camp alumni and friends receive a semi-annual newsletter each year in the fall and spring.  Updates include summer camp outlook and recaps, major enhancements to camp, welcoming of new staff members, updates on life events for alumni, and much more.  See below for the most recent and historical alumni newsletters.

Click here for the Spring 2024 Newsletter

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The next reunion is scheduled for: July/August 2026

2021 Reunion Updates

Additional information will be shared in the coming days and weeks.  Stop back in for additional updates in the future!


Tom Howe's Story Development Guide


2021 Attendance: See who's coming!


2021 Weekend Agenda


Speaker videos from 2021 reunion


Every five years Canyon Camp celebrates with an alumni and friends reunion.  Additional information is forthcoming for the 2021 reunion.  The 85th Anniversary Alumni and Friend Reunion will be held the weekend of July 24-25 at Canyon Camp.
RSVP by July 1 to secure your spot at the reunion. Masks and safety measures are planned and in place.


Come back to Canyon Camp for a fun weekend program on the banks of Coon Creek.  See old friends and make new ones as we sing songs, share stories, and experience all that camp has to offer. 


Key program facets this year will include open program areas, keynote remarks from staff alumni and area experts, and updates from our camp directors- Lee Binkley and Dick Reynolds.


In the comings weeks and months, a full overview of the weekend schedule, detailed information on keynote speakers, alumni reunion swag order form, silent auction overview (support to Spirit Scholarships and Stewards Initiative) and more will be posted online and sent to you. 


Be sure to fill-out the Alumni GeoSurvey if you haven't already!  This high level data will be shared at the reunion for a unique look at our alumni from across the world- seriously. 


Join us for the optional Friday night picnic and camp at the Apple River Canyon State Park ($5 includes meal and camping opportunity) or come just for the official reunion that kicks off at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 24 ($15 for meals).  More information will be posted here:

Bring your partner and/or family to experience camp or come as you are- it will be a fun-filled weekend for all!   See you at Canyon Camp the weekend of July 24-25! 

In Memory: This year we are starting a new tradition to honor members of the Camp family who have passed away since the last reunion.  Click here to share information on a camp alumnus or friend who has passed away since 2016 and we will share a moment in their memory at this year's reunion.  

2021 Reunion Overview:

  • Join us Friday, July 23rd at Apple River Canyon State Park for an evening picnic and time to connect with friends as we share memories. We have reserved camping space- please do pitch a tent and stay the night!

  • The reunion formally begins on Saturday, July 24 with registration at 1:00 PM. All guests are welcome to use a platform tent at camp or pitch your own tent on Saturday night.

  • If you'd rather, a hotel block is established at the Stockton Country Inn and Suites. Call for a discounted rate and mention Canyon Camp (July 23-25 available)

  • Saturday dinner, cracker barrel, and Sunday morning breakfast (cinnamon rolls!) are included in the event fee.

  • Program areas will be open, keynote speakers will provide updates, and friends will reminisce the Spirit of Canyon Camp

  • All proceeds from silent auction and registration revenue over expenses will go directly to the Spirit of Canyon Camp Scholarship Fund and Stewards Initiative Fund (discretion of camp directors/properties cmte/leadership council).

Pictured Above: A few of the Silent Auction Items Available
Click on the images for more information


     $20 for Friday-Saturday (Friday/Saturday Dinner, Sunday breakfast, and Friday night camping fee covered)

     $15 for Saturday-Sunday only (Friday/Saturday Dinner, Sunday breakfast, and complimentary platform tent camping)

     $5 for children under age of 12

Questions? Contact

See you in July!

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