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The Canyon Camp Constructors: 2023

Introduction: THANK YOU!

The inaugural Canyon Camp Constructors (CCC) event was held during the second week of May 8-12th 2023. This group came together to volunteer their service on an array of projects ranging from steel roof installations to updating fire pits in campsites to applying a fresh coat of paint to interior and exterior buildings, and more!

How Did the Canyon Camp Constructors ComeTo Be?

Scott Simenson (former staff member) and John Wurtzel had brainstormed early in 2023 about how they could add to our list of camp volunteers. Scott, who is retired and lives in northwest Wisconsin, mentioned that it would not be practical for him to come to camp for a day or two, but he would be more than willing to come for a week.

Over the next few days, the concept of a weeklong endeavor began to take shape. Through personal contacts over the following weeks they found several folks that would be interested in participating in such an activity.

Who Are The Canyon Camp Constructors?

They are a group of volunteers that have a passion for Canyon Camp and use their skills for the betterment of camp.

CCC Charter Volunteers Are:

Lee Binkley, Canyon Camp Staff

Steve Chandler, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni

Tim Hamilton, Former Scoutmaster

Kevin Lamm, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni

Jeff Newkirk, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni Parent

Marcia Newkirk, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni Parent

Mark Semande, Seth’s future Father-In-Law

Scott Simonson, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni

Bruce Small, Canyon Camp Staff

Dave Urban, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni

Matt Urban, Canyon Camp Staff Alumni

Jean Wurtzel, Camp Mom

John Wurtzel, Canyon Camp Staff

Carol Zarnstorff, Blackhawk Area Council Executive Board member

Honorary Mention:

Gene Nott, Canyon Camp Property and Maintenance Committee member

Roman Salamon, Blackhawk Area Council Program Director

2023 CCC Projects:

Installed steel roof on staff cabin #5

Painted interior of staff cabin #1

Removed and replaced old roof panels with a combination of new translucent polycarbonate & steel panels on Over the Hill/Far Horizons latrine

Installed vented aluminum panels on ceiling of porch overhang on Over the Hill/far Horizons Latrine

Began the process of installing new steel fire rings in campsites

Finished assembling and painted 19 new dining hall benches*

Assembled 10 new picnic tables**

Mowed most of the main camp area

Removed tree trunks, limbs, and other debris from the dance ring

*Bench assembly was began during the Kiwanis Work Weekend

**Picnic table parts were precut during the Kiwanis Work Weekend

Future Opportunities With the Canyon Camp Constructors:

The dates of Monday May 6th through Friday May 10th 2024 have been chosen for next year's event. This will again coincide with the annual spring Monroe Kiwanis Work Weekend.

If you are retired, have extra vacation to burn, or simply are available please consider joining us. You are welcome to stay for the week, or come for a day or two as your schedule permits. There will be projects of all skill levels and abilities available. It is important that you sign up in advance so we can plan for food and appropriate projects.

We are working on creating a database of volunteers that are interested in participating during CCC week, and also for other projects that may come up throughout the year.

If you are interested in participating in the future please click here to share your interest. To learn more contact or give us at call at 815-990-2050.

In The Spirit,

John Wurtzel

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