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The New CCC: Canyon Camp Constructors

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This May, a "new" group of volunteers will be coming together. You may have heard of the original CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) which provided immense productivity to our country through talented service by individuals. This same concept is being put into motion at Canyon Camp with our own version of the CCC- The Canyon Camp Constructors! Talented individuals from a wide array of generations will be coming together this May to volunteer their services on an array of projects ranging from steel roof installations to updating fire pits in campsites to applying a fresh coat of paint to interior and exterior buildings, and more!

To be held May 8-12th, this group will come together just after the Spring Kiwanis Work Weekend for additional, focused skilled work. Currently, nine individuals have already been selected to be a part of this team, and the key word of "new" is used to describe them. They are returning primarily as past Scouts and Staff members to come back to Camp and give back.

Individuals such as Scott Simenson, Matt Urban, Tom Howe, Jeff Thompson, Kevin Lamm, Steve Chandler, and others have already shared their interest in helping. Might you have a talent to share as well? The CCC is primarily coordinated by John Wurtzel with assistance from Lee Binkley and Bruce Small. If you're interested in learning more and may be able to volunteer key talents, please fill out the form below. Thank you to the many amazing friends, supporters, and volunteers that make Canyon Camp the special place that it is. We look forward to launching the CCC this May!

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