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Try Something New

Happy New Year! 2021 brought Canyon Camp to new heights with adventures that provided unforgettable memories for more than 1,000 participants, our brand new climbing wall coming alongside our high ropes course, and unique experiences for our Scouts who ate at canopies near our dining hall rather than in it. It was a unique year that will be remembered for quite some time, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence next year. We hope that you will Try Something New in 2022 at Canyon Camp!

Complimenting our traditional program with more than 50 merit badges, we will be offering new opportunities this year including Exploration, Scouting Heritage, Citizenship in Society, Fingerprinting, and Theatre Merit Badges.

If you're looking for other adventures, the Pioneer Potpourri area is a blast with interesting activities each day, the Outdoor Wilderness League (OWL program) will offer new activities such as a kayaking trip, golf merit badge trip and other adventures, and our Canyon Ranger program will help all young Scouts on their trail to Eagle.

Join us this summer- we invite you to spend a week at Canyon Camp as you Try Something New in 2022! If your unit has already selected a different destination, we wish you the best and hope that you might join us on a Wednesday night to learn a bit more about the Spirit of Canyon Camp. See you soon!

-Your adventure starts today-

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