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Nestled between the bluffs of the Apple River, Canyon Camp is 330 acres of wooded serenity. Coon Creek runs through camp and forms Coon Lake. Canyon Camp spells adventure with its crackling campfires, hilly terrain, Native American ceremonies, and whippoorwill songs at dusk.


Established in 1936, Canyon Camp has a commitment to the Scout Oath and Law by helping young people develop skills to help them in adulthood. We are a complete service camp offering a challenging summer camp program as well as the opportunity for year-round camping experiences.

Our summer camp program offers more than 50 merit badge choices for your scouts in addition to awesome adventures for Scouts young and old.  Learn more about our summer camp program here


“No matter who you talk to, the Staff were willing to help, in spite of whatever was going on.” - Troop 76, Fennimore, WI

"A positive impact on the live of young people that will not be forgotten."

- Troop 663, Zion, IL

“Scouts had a great time this year at Canyon Camp. We look forward to it next year!”

- Troop 88, Lancaster, WI

Map of Camp
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