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Program Registration Information

**Lead registrant contacts for each unit received this information via email on 3/14. Please let us know if you did not receive this by sending an email to**

Goooood afternoon, Canyon Camp! We're excited to share with you a few important updates related to this summer:

Program registration:

  • Our program registration process is NEW this year in hopes to create a more streamlined, efficient, and simple way for your Scouts to sign-up for their merit badges and programs. This new online form can be submitted by any unit leader, Scout, or parent and can be done at a troop meeting or at home at your convenience. We have created a simple instruction sheet to help guide you through this new process. To begin, click here to start submitting individual program sign-ups. All links and information is available on our website through the resources page. Please be sure to have all submissions in as soon as your unit is comfortable but at least by June 1.

Roster and Payment:

  • Separately, we ask that your Troop registrant lead update your roster in Doubleknot (click here) to ensure we have the proper number of Scouts and Leaders signed up for your unit's adventure at camp! First payment deadline ($50 minimum payment or a full payment to secure the $310/Scout rate) is one month away. Be sure to have your roster updated and payment made by April 15. After this date, payment can be transferred and Scouts can be added to your roster. New Scout fees are not due until May 15.

Medical Forms:

  • Be sure your Scouts have updated medical forms for summer camp. We have these available on our resources page, or you can download directly from the BSA website here. As a reminder, a doctor's signature is required for a physical that occurred within the last year of the START of the week of camp.

Meal Menus:

  • We are putting final touches on our weekly menus as we speak. An update will be posted to our website on our resources page within the next 7-14 days with a guarantee of updated menus online by April 1. Accommodations for dietary needs are important to us, and our Camp Cook does an excellent job of meeting allergy requirements while ensure the food is still great to eat!


  • As always, we're here to help! Send us an email ( or let us know you need a phone call. We firmly believe the weeks and months leading up to camp are just as important, if not more so, than your actual time at Camp. We're here to serve!

We look forward to having you and your Scouts join us this summer as we "Try Something new in 2022!" Be sure to get as many of your Scouts signed up for Camp as possible. We know the retention of Scouts who attend camp is far higher than those who do not, and we believe firmly the Canyon Camp experience is one they do not want to miss! Thank you for choosing Canyon Camp, and we will see you soon! Less than 100 days until the first week of camp! Sincerely, Seth, Alex, and Adam Canyon Camp Leadership Team

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