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Stewards Night: June 29, 2022

As we approach the summer season, Canyon Camp is preparing in a number of ways. This weekend, the Kiwanis Club of Monroe will host its nearly 50th annual Spring work day (email Lee Binkley if you'd like to attend:, countless volunteers are working almost daily preparing the camp for annual summer needs, and the Stewards initiative projects are being implemented.

Please save the date for June 29. The Stewards initiative was originally designed with a Wednesday night gathering to occur once a year, and this will be the first year we are able to come together. Additional information will be sent prior to June 29, but the working plan is to say thank you on this family night to share project updates, appreciation, and cast a vision for the future. We will likely gather at the Spirit Pavilion at 6:45PM to share appreciation after dinner but before Open Camp starts at 7PM, but final details are being confirmed. Come to Camp and bring your family! If you are unable to attend, a note will be sent to you in the mail after the event; donors at the official Stewards levels of $100 (Student), $250, $1,000+ will receive a simple item of appreciation.

Thank you for your support of Canyon Camp. We have already begun implementing projects ranging from new aquatics equipment to an enhance Wi-Fi system, to securing materials for trails, bat houses and more! This small snapshot of what is being accomplished is only possible due to your generosity. Thank you for shaping the experience for Scouts served at Canyon Camp. See you June 29th!

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