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May Unit Leaders Updates

-The below information was sent to the lead registrant emails on record on 5/20-

Gooooood morning, Canyon Camp!

Summer season is nearly here and we're within weeks of you arriving for your adventure with us in the beautiful Apple River Valley. We can't wait to have your Scouts join us for their summer camp experience.

A few updates/reminders:

1. All rosters should be up-to-date in Doubleknot: Be sure to log-in and make additions/revisions to your Troop roster. If you need additional slots opened for your unit, we're able to add Scouts as late as your arrival day at Camp. Let's get as many new crossovers or late deciders added to your registration- an opportunity they don't want to miss! Please let us know ASAP as some of our weeks are at/near capacity; we want to meet your needs as best we can. 2. Dietary needs: These can be noted in Doubleknot or HERE. Please have this information submitted at least a week prior to Camp for us to have the best opportunity to properly accommodate needs as we're able. Ensuring you and your Scouts have a GREAT week at Camp is important to us. The weekly menus are posted here. 3. Program registration: We will be sending each unit a copy of their Troop's program registration to date the week of May 30 (by June 3 at latest). If you have any questions, revisions, or assistance needs, please feel free to reach out. All program registration is done online through a new process this year in hopes to make the process even more user friendly for you and your Scouts. Click here to learn more and register.

-Again, all units will receive a copy of their entire Troop registration list the week of May 30; please sign-up prior to this date if you're able-

Campsites are assigned upon your arrival at Camp. If you have not yet stayed with us, or you'd just like a refresher, be sure to familiarize yourself with our "Check-in Basics" information (click here). This will help ensure your first day of camp-the busiest day at camp- goes smoothly and enjoyable for you!

Finally, as a reminder in case you missed it in the unit leader guide, Canyon Camp's dining hall structure includes assigned tables with the same Scouts eating together with the same staff member(s) each day (other than campsite cooking/specialty meals). Unit leaders eat together at assigned tables as well. This is an opportunity for your Scouts to grow stronger relationships with the Camp staff and for YOU to have time with the adults and enjoy your meals. The dining hall experience at Canyon Camp is special and we look forward to raucous songs, great food, and goofy skits this summer! Thank you for your continued service and passion for this program. We look forward to serving you and your Scouts in just a few weeks! Sincerely, Ace

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